Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Reflections Assignment

You will shoot 24 pictures, inside and out-of-class, based on this theme "I can make a difference by...".
On Thursday/Friday you will import pictures, create a 24 picture Contact Sheet, and turn it in at the beginning of class. You will then spend 30 minutes max adjusting your best one picture. You will then send that photo to me, I will print it, and you will mount it on poster board. You will turn in your mounted picture to me along with a filled out entry form.

Note: you will need to bring an 11*14 sheet of poster board to class.

Manipulate your photo using various forms of grayscale conversions.
If you have people in your picture, adjust their faces etc using various forms of the touch-up techniques we learned in class.
Adjust the colors in the picture to enhance certain features.

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