Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Touch-Up Techniques

Touch-Up Techniques in Photoshop

Clone Stamp, soft edge brush, lighten mode

Lasso clean area, feather, option-apple, drag and drop

Patch tool, select area you want to change, drag to clean area

Blur technique: Gaussian blur, adjust pixels, open history palette, click open, select history brush next to Gaussian blur, select history brush and paint blur onto photo

Color hair: change color balance, press x, option-delete, select brush, press d, begin painting

Whitening teeth: select teeth, feather, open hue and saturation, lower saturation on yellow, change back to master and raise lightness, deselect

Remove glair, hot spots, or glow: select clone stamp, darken mode, soft brush, 50% opacity, option click and then paint over “hot” areas

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