Tuesday, October 30, 2007

To Create Your Portrait Slideshow in iPhoto

To create a slideshow:

Drag all of your pictures you adjusted into a new album in iPhoto.
Select the album so it's highlighted in iPhoto.

Click the Add (+) button in the bottom-left corner of the iPhoto window, then click Slideshow in the dialog.

Type a name for your slideshow.

If you want, deselect the “Use selected items in new slideshow” checkbox.

Click Create.

Drag photos into the order you want in the photo browser at the top of the iPhoto viewing area.

After you create a slideshow, you can also add photos to it by dragging them directly from an Event, another album, a CD or DVD, or another location on your hard disk. When you add a photo to a slideshow from another location on your hard disk, iPhoto automatically imports it into your photo library.

You can choose music, specify the display duration for each slide, choose transition effects, display slideshow controls, and set other options

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