Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Greeting Card Assignment

You will make a greeting card for a friend or family member.
This project will have two sides: a front with a mask layer and an inside with a graphic and text.
To remind yourself how to make mask layers please see 'create an image using layers' and 'add shapes to an image' in the Photoshop help tutorial section. There is also some good explanation under Tutorials>layers>masking layers.

Your card should be color coordinated in both design and text.
The front of your card should include at least four layers and it should also demonstrate your ability to create an interesting border, crop a photo or design, and create 'special' text.
This card should mean something to you so please take your time.

Greeting card examples:

Tips for writing the inside of you card:
Traditional cards are those using rhymed, metered poetry. The number of lines is generally divisible by four. Traditional verse is often done by a company's in-house staff ; however, there has been a recent upsurge in freelance contributions in this area. This is just a suggestion and not manditory.

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