Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Blog Assignment

Here are the requirements for the blog assignment:

1. The colors you use on your blog should go with the template. In other words, don't clash. Everything should be easy to see and read.
2. Update your personal profile fully.

3. Add your picture to the profile. Use one of my cameras and then a card reader. Turn off camera before taking the card out. Put the Flash Card in the card reader and open Image Capture in the Applications Folder. Open Image Capture and select "Download Some". Select your picture and save it in the pictures folder. When you eject the card reader please drag it to the trash.

4. Add all of your work (everything). Beneath each example of your work please describe what you created in two-three sentences. Also, if you used a tutorial please locate it online and provide a link for that tutorial. The easy way to add your work is to save your project as a JPEG (save as) and then upload it to the website.
5. Add links to at least three tutorials you think other students would enjoy working on. Describe the tutorial in one-two sentences.
6. Throughout your website demonstrate that you can change text fonts, sizes, styles, and colors. Also, please demonstrate your ability to format text left, center, and right. Also, in at least one instance use the button or number formatting.
7. Spell check your whole site.
8. Add links to three 'general interest" websites you think would interest other students. Add two to three sentences describing each link and explaining why you like the website.
9. A big portion of your grade is creativity. Make your site look "cool" and "original".
10. Add at least one more member to your blog.
11. Present a question on your blog that other students can answer.
11. You will send me a link to this site at the end of the day Thursday. You will also send your site to other students.

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