Monday, May 22, 2017

Fashion Assignment

You are working for a fashion magazine that sells clothing to a specific audience. Your job together is to shoot two picture spreads to sell two different styles of clothing and accessories. This includes pants, coats, shirts, scarfs, shoes, socks, belts, dresses, shorts, and anything else a person can wear.

10 suggestions for a great photo shoot.
Eight suggestions to create a solid fashion shoot.
Please look through, watch, and read about the following fashion shoots.

Vanity Fair Fashion Shoots (multiple examples)
Kala Makeup Fashion Portfolio
A variety of great photographers
Joie Magazine
Beyond The Sea
Grey Gardens
In the Trenches
Megan Fox
GQ: Best Suits
Details Magazine: Jeans
Top Ten Vogue Covers
True Blood
Jessica Biel
Katy Perry
Rolling Stone Magazine Covers

Fashion Setup

Your pictures should show a variety of composition and also showcase a variety of ways to light your subject. Please review lighting techniques here.
Please review portrait tips here.

You must choose a partner from class. You can work in groups of three, but you have to take pictures of each person.
You will model for each other on Thursday and Tuesday in class.You will shoot one day outdoors and one day in the studio.
Your location away from school needs to be unique and interesting on it's own.
You will also model for each other as homework sometime between Tuesday the 23rd and Tuesday the 30th.
Contact sheets are due from each day at the end of the period and the homework contact sheet is due Tuesday the 30th.
Get creative. Play dress up. Dress stylishly and/or uniquely. Accessorize.

On Tuesday the 23rd  you will  get together with your partner  and answer the following questions. You will answer these questions in Canvas. 

1. What are your names?
2.  What types of clothing are you trying to sell? What is the style? What magazine would these pictures most likely appear in?
3. What day are you using the studio?
4. What specific clothing will you wear each day? What accessories will you bring to enhance your shoot?
5. Where do you want to shoot outside of school? Why?
6. How will you ensure that you give 100% on this project? What can you do to make these pictures the best pictures you've taken in class?
7. How will you use lighting to make your pictures interesting? Be specific.
8. Please search the internet and paste 7-10 examples of pictures you would like to take for this assignment.

Bring your cameras Thursday and Tuesday. If you are in 2nd period photo and shooting away from school you can go directly to your shooting location. 4th period students can check out during TAP on Tuesday.

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