Monday, February 06, 2017

Photo 1/2 Manual Camera Information and Shutter Speed Assigmment

Please watch and take notes on the following video:

Manual Settings Video

Please read and take notes:

Please click on the link below and adjust only the shutter moving it from .5 sec to 1/4000. Clip snap photo after each movement.

30-35 minutes after class has started you will find your partner as listed below. You are NOT allowed to switch partners.
Digital Photo 2 students will explain shutter speed to their partner throughout the remainder of the period.
You will get a DSLR camera and turn in to Tv mode (shutter priority). Make sure you have a memory card in the camera.
As a class you will walk to the back gym and do the following assignment with your partner only.

  • The photo one student will use the camera first.
  • Have your Photo 2 partner repeat the same action (fast movement) over and over again. Take pictures and try to capture the action in focus.
  • Change the shutter speed after every shot. Start at 1/2500 and work your way down to 1 second.
  • Photo 2 person assist as needed.
  • Take 30-36 pictures
  • Do not delete any pictures, even the blurry ones.
  • Photo 2 person then completes the same assignment.
Turn in a 4*6 Contact Sheet at the end of the period called "Last Name_First Name_Shutter Practice." Photo 2 students can assist with contact sheets as needed.

2nd Period Partners:

Jasmin, Luka and Nathaniel A.
Ricardo and Jack A.
Madeline, Oliver and Anna
Kristin,Isaac, and Faith
Hamoon and Kegan
Naseem and Esmeralda
Nate and Brandon
Jordan and Chloe
Blake and Brad
Colin and Zeth
Omar and Maurice
David Rodolf can assist as needed

4th Period Partners:

Morgan and Langley
Sydney and Keith
Emma and Paige
Lymer and Kay
Heather and Kobe
Livia and Valerie
Julia and Evan
Charlie and David
Nate I. and Marian
Madison and Marisa
Beatrice and Julia
Donovan and Finn
Jonathan, Abel, and Emily

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