Monday, September 14, 2015

Photo 1 Assignment: Balance, Pattern, Contrast

Today you will take pictures for about 30 minutes during class.
You can move around anywhere on campus. I prefer it if you take pictures outside.
Take pictures of interesting subjects focusing on the following Principle of Design:

  • Balance
  • Pattern
  • Contrast

Take four pictures for each Principle of Design.
Return to class with 15 minutes remaining and upload your pictures using Image Capture.

Image Capture:
1. Plug in camera with USB chord or plug in Card Reader.
2.Open up Image Capture from the Applications folder. Once you are there select the 'download some' option. The select the pictures you want to download. The pictures should end up in your pictures folder on the hard drive by default. 
3. In the pictures folder, please make a folder called Composition 1 and drag pictures into this folder. 

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