Monday, May 05, 2014

Multimedia: After Effects Battle Project


·      Work in groups of three
·      At least two people will fight using fireballs, lighting, or other After Effects created effects
·      A one minute (or more) action sequence edited in Premiere and After Effects
·      You need at least eight 5-7 second shots in your final video
·      You need to shoot every shot from three different angles (Close-Up, Medium Shot, and Long Shot), which means you will shoot at least 24 shots total. Most groups will shoot more.
·      Keep all of your action moving left to right or right to left instead of toward or away from the camera. This will make effect creation much easier.
·      Make sure you focus the camera every shot. Zoom in, focus, and zoom out. Out of focus shots are unacceptable.
·      Please avoid Jump Cuts between shots. In other words, your action needs to match up between each shot when you edit.
·      You will add titles, music, and sound effects in Adobe Premiere and create your effects in After Effects. I will show you how to work with Premiere on Friday.

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