Monday, March 17, 2014

Grayscale Adjustment Assignment

Grayscale Adjustment Assignment

First, adjust all of your pictures into the various grayscale methods we have discussed in class. Start with the man-made shadow pictures you shot over the last couple of days.

When you are done you are going to turn in your best 20 pictures in a Contact Sheet called Grayscale Adjusted. Try to show and equal number of pattern, natural light shadow, and artificial light shadow pictures.

The adjustment methods: Basic Black and White (BBW), Calculations Method (CM), Lightness Channel (LC), Ansel Adams(AA), Duotone (DUO), and Basic Channel Mixer (BCM).

Please save and name each picture with the appropriate adjustment method abbreviation (BBW or CM etc.)


Finally, turn in your Best Grayscale picture as a .jpg file.

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