Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Multimedia: CD Cover Assignment

CD Assignment
You will create a front and back cover to insert into a blank CD case.

First you will open Photoshop and create two new blank documents. Both of these documents should be approximately 4.875 inches * 4.875 inches.

Front Cover:
• CD Name and Band Names in fonts of your choice from, YouTube, or any other tutorial site.
• Fictional Band Name in font of your choice.
• Use your own pictures only. Every item on both covers must be something you took a picture of or that you grabbed from the internet (high-resolution only). Any people on your front cover must be from your own pictures.
• An appropriate and well planned background if your picture is smaller than 4.875 inches. Gradients are always a nice option too for backgrounds.

Back Cover:
• Five pictures. These are pictures that you will take using a digital camera Your five pictures can be band members playing music, singing, signing autographs, or you can make a collage (See The Beatles Sergeant Lonely Hearts Club Band or Revolver down below for good collage examples).
• Track List
• Copyright Information
• Well-designed background

Tools and Effects utilized from Photoshop:
Clone Stamp, Eyedropper, Selection Tools, Layering, Color Gradients, Adjusting Colors, Text Effects, cut/paste, and Free Transform etc.

At the end of this assignment students will brainstorm and design the CD Cover in pre-production, be able to take a well composed picture against the green screen, select and edit various layers in Photoshop, create interesting or unique text,  and use adjustment layers and blending options in Photoshop.

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