Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Action Photo Editing

Please select your twelve best action photos.
These pictures should show faces, be 95% in focus, fill the frame, and showcase interesting angles and composition.
Eight of these photos need to be from your SC club, sport, or event pictures.
Crop, adjust, and color correct all pictures.

Edit two pictures into Grayscale.
Edit two pictures using Selective Focus.
Edit one picture using one-item kept in color.
Edit the other seven pictures in what ever manner you see fit.

Turn in your twelve adjusted photos and call them Action Adjusted.
Turn in your best SC action picture for printing. Call it Best Action for printing.

If you took pictures for Swimming, Football, Cheer, or Flags please create a folder with your best, in-focus pictures and turn them into Ms. Johnson's Drop Box on the Staff Server. Please let Ms. Johnson and the yearbook staff know that your pictures are in the Drop Box.


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