Thursday, December 13, 2012

Photo 1: Sequence Assignment

Action Sequence Photography 25 Beautiful Examples of Action Sequence Photography
When you’re creating a sequence photo make sure you get all the action you need. This can be done by choosing the action setting on a DSLR. Make sure you have a camera that able to do high shutter speeds. A DSRL that can shoot 3-5fps can get you great results. Then set the camera up in a sturdy location or on a sturdy tripod so movement between frames is limited. Below are some truly amazing examples of sequence photography. The trick is to hold the camera steady and have the action move through multiple frames/photos:

Ray Demski

sports action 01  25 Beautiful Examples of Action Sequence Photography 


YouTube Sequence Tutorial 

Weekend Homework:
 Your goal is to shoot 7  sequences over the weekend with DRAMATIC action.  Pick sports or activities that are interesting a action packed.
 Make sure your shot is taken from a creative angle and demonstrates intense action. Each sequence should have 3-5 shots.

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