Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Photography: Tuesday Class Work

You will take pictures emphasizing camera composition we discussed in class. Please fill the frame in every shot with something interesting. Boring pictures will not be accepted.

  • 10 landscape shots showing proper use of the horizon line (I would shoot from the baseball, football, and softball fields). Please try to show foreground, mid-ground, and background if possible
  • 3 Shots Tonal Balance
    3 Shots Balance Mass
    3 Shots Patterns  
When you are finished please import your pictures into Image Capture or iPhoto using your USB cable. Create a contact sheet named Comp3. Always use the naming convention.
Turn your Contact Sheet into the Staff Server>Classes>Period 4.

Thursday is your first off-campus shooting day for landscape pictures. You can only leave campus if you  have Composition 1,2, and 3 turned along with your off-Campus permission form.
  • Please pick an interesting location like Gasworks Park, Kerry Park, Richmond Beach, or the Edmonds Ferry Terminal.
  •  Arrange rides today. Talk to your friends, parents, or arrange your bus schedule.
  • Sign out at the beginning of TAP.

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