Thursday, February 16, 2012

Edit Your Shoreline Magazine Pictures

Today you will edit 20 of your landscape pictures in the following manner:
  • Two Selective Focus
  • Two One Item Kept in Color with the History Brush
  • Two Vivid Color or High Saturation
  • Two Black and White/Grayscale
  • Two Vignette
  • 10 Instagram

Please  create a Contact Sheet with all 20 pictures named Shoreline Adjusted and turn it in to the Classes/Period 2 folder on the server.
 Please make sure the picture adjustment name is saved under each picture in the contact sheet.

  • Take (literally) a few hundred pictures in the city of your choice. 
  • Sell me this city via your pictures. Make me move there! Please try to get to six or seven locations within this city.
  • Shoot landscape, portrait, action, macro, and abstract shots.
  • Shoreline and Lake Forest Park are not options for this assignment.
  • You will turn in at least three contact sheets when you return from break.

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