Monday, October 24, 2011

Abstract Editing: Adjust 24 pictures

  • Four Selective Focus (SF)
  • Four One item in Color (OC)
  • Four Vignette (Vig)
  • Four Vivid Color (Viv)
  • Four Enhance Saturation (Sat)
  • Four of your choice (this includes Grayscale) MC

One item kept in color:

Option one: Select item>copy item>image mode grayscale>image mode RGB Color>paste item 
Option two: image adjustments desaturate> open history palette> click to the left of the 'Open' state in the history palette to select your History Brush source point>select History Brush (y) in the tool palette and pain in your colors>adjust opacity as needed

selective focus:


Vivid Color:

Enhance Saturation:

More Vivid Colors, that look natural:

This is NOT due today (Wednesday).
You will have time on Friday to finish.

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