Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Motion Blur Assignment

Digital Photo 2 Motion Blur Assignment

In this assignment you will keep one item in sharp focus and have multiple objects in a motion blur behind or around a subject.
You can use people or objects as your subjects.

·      Tuesday and Wednesday are practice days on campus.
·      Thursday and Friday are out of class shooting days. You are encouraged to check out at TAP or lunch so you can get to a highly active and interesting location for your shoot.  
·      You must use the Shutter Priority setting on your camera (usually Tv or S).
·      You CAN shoot entirely in manual mode.
Please shoot at least 18-24 pictures. Try two or three locations within your area. For example, if you are at Pacific Place try three different escalators. Or if you go to Pike Place try three different spots there.

Hints and suggestions:
1. Try a variety of shutter speeds. I would try starting at something as quick as 1/20 and work your way down to a speed as slow as 2-4 seconds. (I am guessing that around 1/20 to 1/2 will work best, but that of course depends on lighting etc.)
2. Use a timer so your hands do not move the camera and cause your main subject to blur.
3. Use a tripod or keep your camera on something steady.
4. Shoot in a really interesting setting away from school. If you are using people as your subjects then shoot in a place that has a large population during your class.
5. Play dress up. Encourage your subject(s) to act as a character to make the picture even more interesting.

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