Monday, January 31, 2011

Digital Photo Assignment: Sell me Shoreline and Lake Forest Park!

You are working for Shoreline magazine and your job is to sell the city to prospective residents and travelers. Your pictures should show the variety of activities, neighborhoods, scenic locations, and cultural spots.
Ideas for pictures: Interurban Trail, Central Market, Various neighborhoods, Lake Washington, Richmond Beach and Puget Sound, Third Place Books, Boating, Fishing, Skateboarding/Skiing/Wakeboarding/Skimboarding/running and other physical activities, restaurants, and shopping.

  • Due at the end of the period Friday is a contact sheet (24 pictures) full of pictures shot using manual adjustment methods. Friday is an all-day shooting day.
  • Due Monday is another contact sheet filled with interesting pictures that showcase the city. This is homework.
  • Due at the end of the period Friday is five print-worthy Photoshop adjusted pictures showcasing different highlights of the city.
  • You must have at least one high-action shot, one landscape shot, and one bizarre angle or abstract shot (something arty).