Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some Photoshop Test Hints

Know how to airbrush a photo using the Gaussian Blur method. (page 184 in Photoshop CS book).
Please know how to adjust a grayscale picture via the Lightness Channel Method.
Know all tool shortcuts.
Know what is in the option bar for brushes, text, and clone stamp.
Know keyboard shortcuts like zoom in and out, copy/paste, select all, deselect, and free transform.
Know what all the buttons in layers palette are called, most importantly the Create Layer Fill and Adjustment Layer button. (what is in this all-important button?)
Know what the burn and dodge tool do.
Know all about Clone Stamp and Patch Tool.
Know how to change a picture to basic grayscale.
Know the Ansel Adams and Basic Channel Mixer settings for grayscale.

This is not everything you need to know, but it will get you started.
Study your notes!

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