Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Our next assignment

WOW! 2008 Reflections

Entry deadline: Friday, November 14, 3PM

What has recently caused you to have a reaction like WOW? This year’s theme for the PTSA Reflections Program is short and simple, but has an infinite number of ways, with a little time and effort, you could put your ideas into a creative entry using visual art, music, writing, dance, photography or film/video that’s extraordinary.

Your process could be as simple or elaborate as you want, as long as it’s done within the time frame and rules of the National PTSA Reflections Program. How you depict what you think of as “WOW!” is totally your choice. Find out more about the Reflections Program and be sure to get your Entry packet with all the instructions in the Main office by the end of Sept. Check out the past programs at WA State Reflections website including last year’s gallery of National finalists at

Entry forms are in the office.

Questions? Call the SC Reflections Chair, Linda Feathers at (206) 361-9074.

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