Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Digital Photo

Please send me a contact sheet with your 30 pictures you took last week. Use the naming convention and manual adjustments as the assignment name.

Next, visit the following sites and take a look at some grayscale pictures:
Getty Images

Please look at the patterns, brightness/contrast relationship as well as the emphasis on shadows.

Your assignment today is to think of a great place or places to shoot (off-campus) at the end of the week that will enable you to shoot some great grayscale photos. Examples: a cemetary, a street with very old buildings or houses, a junkyard, a used car lot, a basement, or a dense forest.

Tomorrow and Wednesday you will shoot at school and we will discuss grayscale Photoshop techniques.
You will shoot between 100 and 150 pictures by next Monday for this assignment.

The simplified schedule for the week:
Tues/Wed=Shooting at school with Mr. Mitchell's cameras and learning Photoshop adjustments.
Thurs/Fri= Shooting off campus focusing on patterns, shadows, and brightness/contrast.
Weekend=Shooting at home focusing on man made shadows (i.e. shadows that come from some kind of man-made light). You will probably use lamps, flashlights, and streetlights for this assignment.

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