Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Final Project Schedule

5/20 Finish Self-Portraits. Look into HDR. Shooting day for those who are completely caught up

5/22 All-Day Shooting Day. This is a C Day. If you want to use this time to shoot you can return as late as 2:50

5/27 First two contact sheets (48 pictures) are due. Send in you "Best Picture" for Art Show. Edit and manipulate photos.

5/29 All Day shooting Day EXCEPT for seniors who skipped on 5/27. Seniors who skip must use class time to turn in photos and manipulate pictures. Shooting will be completed as home work.

6/2 Contact Sheet 3 is Due. All Day to edit/manipulate photos.

6/3 All Day Shooting

6/5 Editing and Print All Day

6/6 (short C-Day) Editing and Print All Day

6/10 Final Project Due For Seniors. Turn in all pictures used to STAFF folder period 6. Seniors will present project to class.

6/12 Project Due For Underclassmen

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