Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wednesday in Animation

Answer the questions below using text edit. Turn these in to my STAFF server, classes, period one or five.

Your next project is a 30-45 second stop-motion animation. You will need to create a story, storyboard, and animate objects that you bring from home or build. This includes any toys you may have, Playdough, Legos, drawings, or anything else you might want to animate (you may choose ANYTHING.)

1. Describe your short story in detail. Who are characters? What action takes place? Will it be funny or dramatic?
2. What materials will you bring from home? You need to bring these FRIDAY.
3. What will the background of your project look like? You will need to bring these materials too.
4. What kind of music and sound effects will you add. Be specific.
5. Do you have a digital camera? If so, please bring it to class on Friday.

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