Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Homework For Thursday and Friday

Color Contrast
Rule of Thirds
Leading the Subject
Horizon Line
5 angles

Any shots that you do not complete in class will be homework. Or, if you don't feel your class shots are that great, please re-do them outside of class.

Remember your USB Chords, Cameras, and extra batteries everyday.


PaulWall said...

Guten Tag Mr Mitchell,
it's been a while since I had to learn all this. Although it feels good to be home I miss SC. I'm still working on my photography.
See you some other time.
Paul (the german guy)

Trent said...

Hi Paul! Gruss Dich!

Thanks again for leaving your Photomerge project. It is at the front of the class and I have referenced it many times.
I hope you are having fun in Germany. How is school?
Keep in touch!
Mr. Mitchell