Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Webquest for Digital Photo

I would like you to spend the period researching ideas and looking at examples for your project. You may use Word on your laptop, text edit, or Abi Word on the G5 computers.

Please get ten really good pictures from the internet that are similar to your theme. Make sure these pictures are shot by five different photographers. Spend at least 15-20 minutes searching for quality photos. For example, if your theme is fashion, you would search for pictures with a variety a subjects, shot from a variety of angles, using a variety of composition and color etc.

For each picture please do the following (in complete sentences):

1. Describe why you chose the picture. What made it stand out to you? Why is it interesting?
2. Describe the composition in the picture.
3. Describe the colors and how they help the picture. Or, if it is B and W, please tell us why that is a good choice.
4. Describe how the photo could work for your theme and concept.

(Please paste the picture in WORD or provide a link to the picture in Text Edit. This assignment works best if you use Word or Abi Word.)

Please compare and contrast the work of the five photographers. Do you see similarities? How are the photographers different?

Tell me if looking at pictures has given you new ideas for your project.

Please turn the assignment into the class folder at the end of the period.
Thursday and Friday will be all period shooting days.

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