Thursday, January 18, 2007

Reflection and Shot Description

Shot Description For Each Picture
1. Type of composition(s) used.
2. Location of picture.
3. Goal of picture. What does it show? What were you trying to show.
4. Manipulation done in Photoshop.
5. Brief description of why you chose picture.

(These do not have to be in order)

Reflection Section

1. Give an overall description of your theme.
2. Explain why you chose your theme. What does the theme mean to you? Why is it important to you? Are you trying to draw attention to an area, idea, or issue?
3. What do you hope others will think about these pictures? What should the audience learn?
4.What did you learn about your theme when taking this pictures?
5. Was your theme difficult or easy to shoot? Why or why not?
6. Overall, how well did you incorporate the different camera compositions we learned in class? (Give examples here) Did you showcase a variety of angles? Did you showcase a variety of styles (landscape, portraits, action shots, or Photomerge etc.)
7. What could you have done to improve your pictures? If you did this again, what would you do differently?

Please answer the reflection section in paragraph form. You can answer the questions in any order you wish as long as all the information is there.

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