Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Photmerge Detailed Intructions

When you set up a Photomerge composition, you identify your source files, and then the assembly of the panorama is automatically done for you. Once the panorama is complete, you can still make changes to the placement of the individual photos, if necessary.

To set up a new Photomerge composition:
Do one of the following:
Choose File > Automate > Photomerge.
In the File Browser, select the images you want to use and then choose Automate > Photomerge from the File Browser menu bar (see Running automated tasks from the File Browser).
In the dialog box, choose an option from the Use pop-up menu:
Files to generate the Photomerge composition using individual files.
Folders to use all the images stored in a folder to create the Photomerge composition. The files in the folder appear in the dialog box.
Open Files to use the image files you have open in Photoshop.
Click the Browse button to navigate to the source files or folder you want to use to create the Photomerge composition. Select Attempt to Automatically Arrange Source Images if you want Photoshop to try to line the images up in their proper order. Deselect this option if you want to arrange the images in the lightbox yourself.

You can add more files by clicking the Browse button again and navigating to the source files. You can always remove a file from the Source Files list by selecting the file and clicking the Remove button.
When you've added all the source files, click OK to create the Photomerge composition. The source files will open automatically and will be processed.

If the composition can't be automatically assembled, a message appears on-screen. You can assemble the composition manually in the Photomerge dialog box using the lightbox. (See Using the Photomerge dialog box.)
Once the new panorama image appears in the Photomerge dialog box, you can work with individual source files and change your view of the work area. If you need to rearrange the order of the images, drag an image in the work area to reposition it, or rearrange the images in the light box (see Using the Photomerge dialog box).
If necessary, adjust the vanishing point or blending settings of your composition (see Changing Photomerge composition settings.)
If you'd like to save each image in the composition as individual layers, which is useful if you need to correct the color of each image separately, select Keep as Layers.
Do one of the following:
Click the OK button to generate the panorama as a new Photoshop file. The composition then opens in Photoshop.
Click the Save Composition As button to save the composition so you can open it again at a later time.

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