Tuesday, October 25, 2005

SCNN Comedy Challenge Poster

You will make a poster that is 8.5 *11 inches and has 200 resolution.
The poster must contain a creative and orignal font and must be multi-colored.
Posters should be easy to read and conatain at least one border.

The poster needs to contain the following pieces of information:
SCNN Comedy Challenge
Turn in an edited 1:00 comedy video to Mr. Mitchell by December 9th
The top two videos will air on SCNN

(You can definitely enhance the poster with headlines or taglines like " Do you like to make people laugh" etc.)

Rules (small print)
Videos may be no longer or shorter than 1:00
Videos must be school appropriate
Videos should contain proper framing and editing techniques (no jump cuts)
You may use only 30 seconds of a "popular" song in your video

Mr. Story will come in and judge your posters next Tuesday. His top five posters will receive an automatic A and they will also be put on the walls around school.

Check out these websites for poster ideas:
http://www.pearljam.com/posters.html (Click on small poster on left to view larger)

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